Water Polo at Warwick is divided into three separate teams. Men's 1st, Men's 2nd and the Ladies team.

Training is mainly pool-based, however attendance to various coached land-based strength and conditioning sessions is strongly encouraged. The training program aims at the holistic development of athletes with access to four pool sessions a week and at least one land based session. The training sessions are run by our Head Coach Robert Smee and are planned with an emphasis on all aspects of Water Polo, including swim sets, skills, strategy and gameplay. All three teams have their own as well as mixed sessions throughout the week, with different training programs and focus areas for each team. 

Men's 1st 

Mens 1st training revolves around further improving game fitness and working on various more advanced tactics and skills, to ensure Warwick Water Polo can maintain its position as one of the most competitive clubs in the university league. 

Men's Seconds

Men's Seconds training is based primarily on developing the all-important fundamental techniques, that will allow players to really progress in the sport. Trainings are inclusive and aimed at beginners, who often (with a bit of commitment!) become 1st team regulars.


Ladies training at UWSWP is very similar to Men's training, with the main aims of

inclusivity and enjoyability. We welcome any level of experience with the sport to expand our women's division, whilst maintaining our competitiveness for BUCS. Training often involves game simulations, to put drills into practice!

Meet the Coach!

Rob is a brand new addition to the team as of 2020! He has coached Team GB's Junior Women's Water Polo team and was a Team GB standard player himself. We look forward to working with him throughout the season.

Coach- Rob Smee

Our 2020+1/2022 water polo exec...

Water Polo President - Isobel James

Women's Water Polo Captain - Charlotte Malpass

Men's Water Polo Captain - Savvas Ioannides

We organise our training schedule and set up matches throughout the year. Get in contact through the meet the exec page if you have any questions about our water polo teams. 

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