Water polo is a seven-a-side team sport played in a swimming pool in which the objective is to get the football sized ball into the opponents net. It is a challenging but also highly rewarding sport combining speed, strength, action, teamwork and a high level of fitness, meaning it's a fantastic way to get fit and have fun!

Water polo at Warwick offers not only competition and training at the highest university level, but also a fantastic social team atmosphere for players of all levels of ability. From players competing in the British National League and European semi-professionals who trained in the youth divisions of the world's best clubs to complete novices who never held a water polo ball before joining, we are a diverse group united by our strong bond to our sport and team. 


With 4 polo training sessions a week planned by our head coach Robert Smee, as well as access to multiple coached swimming sessions and strength and conditioning workshops we have everything in place for you to develop to your potential and for our team to continue competing at the top division in our area for BUCS.
Despite competing at a high level, beginners represent an integral part of our club with many of our members never having played before university. Our second team allows new players to gain match experience throughout  the year, although there is always an opportunity for even complete beginners to earn a place on our 1st teams! Our training sessions are also split into groups of different experience and ability to even allow beginners not interested in competing to train in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 
If you have any questions please contact us through the details on this website or just find us on Facebook (Warwick Water Polo 2020+1/2022) or just drop-by at any training session.
We look forward to seeing you in the pool! 





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