We're always on the hunt for new partners. We're not just in it for the money, we're looking for training partners, equipment partners, social partners! The list could go on, but we live and breathe our sport, education and to top it off, we are a pool of talent across a range of subjects, all looking at jobs for post-graduation. That job could be potentially with you...




Campus Life
What can we achieve together?

It is our aim to work together with our sponsors, to improve our team but also to have fun whilst we do it. We would love to apply your area of expertise to help run our club, with the end goal being a better performing, more cohesive team environment. This doesn't have to be restriced to what we do in the pool; our members are students, keen to learn skills which will help them more generally in life. We regularly invite our sponsors to any events that we host as a club; its a great oppurtunity for them to get involved, whether it's just team building days or charity galas, there is always a chance to build a better working relationship. 


For more information, contact our Fundraising Secretary, Jemima Walsh



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