So what are the fun things we get up to out of the water?

Congratulations on getting into Warwick, you’ll soon be entering a new and exciting phase of your lives (excuse the clichés). These ensuing years have the potential to be the most exhilarating and enjoyable years of your life; but why not guarantee this by becoming an active and engaged social member of our club! As you have read, we have the facilities, training, and competitiveness to satisfy the most serious of athletes. However, whilst we do take our sports seriously, we feel the social side of the club is just as important!

Over the past few years, WUFF has developed a reputation as not only one of the most social clubs on campus, but also as one of the clubs on campus with the best socials. Not only do we aim to provide you with frequent social events, but we ensure they are of the highest quality. Whilst these socials present a great way to meet new people and make new, perhaps life-long friends, we believe they play a vital role in our club’s competitive success story.

Our socials are always well-attended without being too large, serve as great points of relaxation during hectic university weeks, and also encourage team cohesion. 


We would encourage absolutely everyone to attend them, even if you’re feeling a little daunted. We’re an incredibly welcoming club and work to make sure everyone feels comfortable and is enjoying themselves to the fullest! 

As we begin to come out of Covid-19 restrictions we’ll be keeping socials compliant to any government guidelines with our Covid-19 officer, whilst ensuring that we can all catch up on the fun we’ve been missing.

The best way to keep up to date with socials is to like our facebook page and join the facebook group. This way you’ll automatically be updated about the dates, times and places of the socials we’re running and any Covid-19 requirements we may need you to complete prior to socials. Also follow us on Instagram and Twitter @uwswp and feel free to message our social secs over facebook with any queries.


Save these dates...

Week 2 – The Freshers’ Social

This is the first official social occasion of the year, in which we welcome all newcomers to the club with an action-packed evening. Freshers will be escorted by our exec to Leamington Spa, for our annual Fresher's Curry. This is followed by some “get to know you” games in Kelsey’s, perhaps Leamington’s most famous bar. The excitement doesn’t end there either, as the night continues to “Smack”, one of Leam’s local clubs, and the 7th best in the world.

We make sure every WUFF fresher feels safe getting back to campus, with contact numbers and group buses, but you will soon get the hang of the easy journey back from Leam. 

Wednesday Week 3 (and most Wednesday’s after) – Circling

This will be the first full club event of the year, with an “interesting” fancy dress theme. For those of you who don’t know what this mysterious Warwick tradition is, we’ve written up a description of Circling as best we can, though the only true way to understand the “beauty” of Circling is to attend it yourself!


Week 4/5 – Handcuff

Perhaps one of the biggest and most hilarious events of Term 1, freshers are handcuffed to a “randomly selected” buddy from the club for a bar crawl and tour of Leamington, with additional prizes for those who stay together for longest…


Week 7/8 – Mini Tour

A massive weekend away to a mystery UK destination (the location of which is to be revealed only on the day of departure). Daytime activities are provided, which precede a large WUFF night out, in full fancy dress.

As well as these Fresher events we have a huge amount of sober and non-sober socials running throughout the year including:

  • The Christmas Team Meal 

  • Skool Dayz 

  • Pub Golf 

  • Bowling 

  • Kasbah Challenge 

  • WUFF Ball and Sports Ball 

and our exciting WUFF TOUR!


What is Circling?

Our most frequent get together, and an established Warwick tradition. This takes place on most Wednesdays in the Copper Rooms, in the SU on Campus. Tickets are only £4 each and popular dates, (e.g start and end of term) sell out weeks in advance so ALWAYS listen to your Social Secs and buy tickets when instructed. For the most committed members, a Season Pass or Platinum Card will alleviate the worry of missing out. There is often a fancy dress theme; this will be communicated well in advance.


Doors for Circling open at 7pm sharp. Upon arrival, you simply locate our table, and then proceed directly to the bar. The beverage of choice for almost everyone is ‘Purple’ (you may know it better as Snakebite & Black) at a very reasonable £1.50 a pint, although others are available. Make sure to be seated and ready at 7.30pm at the latest! 


After that, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Everyone sits in a circle, except for the two Social Secs who stand in the middle and coordinate the fun. We then play a variety of games, some of which you may know, and some you won’t. This lasts for a couple of hours, after which the tables and chairs are removed and the club night can start with the cheesiest, most nostalgic beats you'll know and love. 


Whilst alcohol does play a part in many of our socials, we would like to stress that it is your enjoyment and well-being that we prioritise. The consumption of alcohol is NEVER obligatory, and we think it important to try to stick within your limits as best as you can. Enjoyment at socials will not correlate with the amount of alcohol consumed, and if you do ever feel uncomfortable doing something, please let one of the Exec members know.

We run many sober socials as well; perfect for those who just want to socialise and chill without alcohol. Anyone who doesn't fancy a drink is always welcome at any social as we often have members joining in with circling and other fun nights out who feel at ease drinking squash instead of purple and taking part in inventive forfeits in the games instead!

For further questions, feel free to contact our welfare officer through the anonymous welfare form or exec page at any time.


The faces behind our 2020+1/2022 social calendar…

Tessa and Freya are your social secs! Watch out for them in the middle of circle and feel free to message them any time.

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